By-Laws of the Board


Series 9000 - By-Laws of the Board

The South Windsor Board of Education Policies are included below. Click on any of the numbered items to view the policy indicated. 

Policy Number Policy Name
9000 Role of Board and Members (Powers, Purposes, Duties)
9110 Number of Members; Terms of Office
9120 Officers and Auxiliary Personnel
9121 Chairperson
9122 Vice Chairperson
9123 Secretary
9124 Clerk
9130 Committees
9133 Special/Advisory Committees
9140 Board Representatives
9150 Board Consultants
9160 Student Representative
9221 Filling Vacancies
9222 Resignation/Removal from Office
9230 New Board Members/Orientation
9250 Remuneration and Reimbursement
9270 Conflict of Interest
9271 Code of Ethics
9311 Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Policies
9312 Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws
9314 Suspension of Policies and Bylaws
9321 Time, Place and Notification of Meetings
9322 Public and Executive Sessions
9323 Construction of the Agenda