K-5 Summer Math

Summer Math

Summer Math

Whether you relax, explore, or seek adventure over the summer, we encourage you to continue to see math in the world around you. While there is no required math work over the summer for students entering kindergarten through 5th grade, we have created playful activities to review what you learned in math with your teacher this past school year. These are optional activities. Each includes things that you may do with family and friends - just a few minutes thinking and talking with math every day will help keep your skills sharp.

You are welcome to print off a copy of the July and August calendars, check off the activities you complete, and bring in the calendars to share with your teacher in the fall. We have also included book titles and websites that you can visit to play math games or practice mathematical concepts if you would like. Please see the links to the right on this page to locate the activities for the grade you are entering in the fall.

Commissioner’s Summer Math Challenge

Similar to the Summer Reading Challenge that runs in partnership with the South Windsor Public Library, the Commissioner’s Summer Math Challenge is available for students who have completed Grades 1-8. This is another option for students who would like to practice math skills over the summer. This free math skills maintenance program is aligned to grade level standards and expectations and is offered for students across the state of Connecticut.

Beginning on Monday, June 18 and running through Friday, July 27, students will receive a daily email with math activities to complete. Students who choose to participate will be able to print off a certificate to celebrate their accomplishments at the conclusion of the challenge.

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