Series 6000 - Instruction

The South Windsor Board of Education Policies are included below. Click on any of the numbered items to view the policy indicated. 

Policy Number

Policy Name

6000 Concept and Roles in Instruction
6111 School Calendar
6112 School Day
6115 Ceremonies and Observances
(Separation of Church and State)
6115.1 Pledge of Allegiance
6121 Nondiscrimination in the Instructional Program
6140 Curriculum
6141.312 Migrant Students 
6141.32 Technology and Instruction
6141.321 Telecommunications/Internet - Acceptable Use
6141.322 Computers - Websites/Pages
6141.323 Internet Acceptable Use: Filtering
6141.324 Posting of Student Work/Photographs/Media
6142.101 Wellness
6145.3 Publications
6146 High School Graduation Requirements
6146.11 Weighted Grading
6151 Class Size
6153 Field Trips
6154 Homework
6156.2 Use of Computers in Instruction - Off-Site Computer Use
6161 Equipment, Books and Materials
6161.2 Care of Instructional Materials - Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials and/or Equipment
6161.21 Fees, Fines and Charges
6161.3 Comparability of Services
6161.7 Use of Proprietary Software Products
6162.51 Surveys of Students (Student Privacy)
6162.6 Use of Copying Devices - Publication or Creation of Educational Materials; Copyrights: Printing and Duplication
6164.11 Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol
6164.12 Instruction on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
6165 Student Production of Services and Materials
6172.3 Home Schooling
6172.4 Title I Parent Involvement
6180 Evaluation of the Instructional Program