Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

School-based therapists focus on assisting students to acquire the functional abilities necessary to access educational materials and adapt to their educational environment. The focus of the physical therapist is on removing barriers from students' ability to learn, helping students develop skills that increase their independence in the school environment, and educating school personnel about the different considerations required for students with disabilities.

Alena Duffy
Occupational Therapist
Email: aduffy@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Christina Roth
Occupational Therapist
Email: croth@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Amy Weber
Occupational Therapist 
Email: aweber@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Maureen DelGaudio
Email: mdelgaudio@swindsor.k12.ct.us
 Kathleen Lorraine
Physical Therapist
Email: klorraine@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Danielle O'Connell
Physical Therapist
Email: doconnell@swindsor.k12.ct.us