RFPs and Bids


 Link  ITB 1920-040 and 1920-041 FFE-Philip R. Smith and Eli Terry Schools  
 Link  Addendum No. 1 Eli Terry  
 Link  Addendum No. 1 Philip R. Smith  


 Link  Bid No. 1920-006 Pleasant Valley Elementary Relocatable Classrooms
 Link  Bid No. 1920-006 PV Drawing Set
 Link  ITB 1920-038 Final Cleaning 99A Philip R. Smith School
 Link  ITB 1920-039 Final Cleaning 99A Eli Terry School
 Link  Bid Summary 1920-005 PRS 350 Foster Street Fuel Oil Tank Replacement
 Link  Bid No. 1920-004 South Windsor High School Auditorium Safety Inspection  Repairs
 Link  Bid No. 1920-003 Timothy Edwards Auditorium Safety Inspection Repairs
 Link  Bid Summary 1920-002 Boiler Room B. Burner Replacement
 Link  Bid No. 1920-005 Present PRS-350 Foster Street Oil Tank Replacement
 Link  Bid No. 1920-005 Addendum No. 1
 Link  Bid No. 1920-005 M1 - Mechanical Plan
 Link  Bid No. 1920-005 M2 - Mechanical Details
 Link  Bid No. 1920-002 M-1 Drawing
 Link  Bid No. 1920-002 Burner Replacements-SW High School Boiler Room
 Link  Addendum 1 Bid No. 1920-002 SWHS Burner Replacements
 Link  Bid Summary 1920-001 TEMS Air Dampers
 Link  PRS 1920-030 Re-bid Supplement 1
 Link  PRS 1920-030 Re-bid Supplement No. 2
 Link  ET 1920-031 Re-bid Supplement 1
 Link  ET 1920-031 Re-bid Supplement No. 2
 Link  Timothy Edwards Middle School New Combustion Air Dampers RFP 1920-001 
 Link  TEMS Air Dampers Bid No. 1920-001 Addendum No. 1
 Link  TEMS Air Dampers Bid No. 1920-001 Addendum No. 2
Link  RFP 1819-030 On Call Surveying Services Eli Terry School 
Link  RFP 1819-029 On Call Surveying Services Philip R. Smith School
Link  ITB 1819-028 BP09F Resilient Flooring - Eli Terry
Link  ITB 1819-027 BP09F Resilient Flooring - Philip R. Smith
Link Invitation to Bid No. 1819-026 New Eli Terry Elementary School
Link Invitation to Bid No. 1819-025 New Philip R. Smith Elementary School
Link SW Phase II RFP 1819-024 Storm Water Permit Inspections and Monitoring
Link ITB 1819-023 Philip R. Smith School Demolition and Abatement
Link SW Phase 2 RFP 1819-022 Independent Third Party Code Review
Link Bid Summary 1819-003 Landscaping Services
Link SW Phase 2 RFP 1819-020 Independent Third Party Code Review
SW Phase 2 RFP 1819-021 Independent Third Party Structural Review
Link Bid Summary 1819-001 Pleasant Valley Portables 
Link Bid Summary 1617-010 Central Admin Ellsworth Roof Replacement
Link RFQ 1718-020 Phase 2 Construction Manager at Risk
Link Bid Summary PV UST Removal 1718-006
Link Bid Summary TEMS UST Removal 1718-004