English Learners

South Windsor Public Schools English Learner Program

Who is an English Learner? An English Learner (EL) is a student whose native language is not English and who needs support learning English. To be identified as an EL, a home language survey must be given when a child is registered for school (or shortly thereafter). The survey is usually three to five questions. If the home language survey shows a child is eligible, he or she will be tested to see how well he or she uses English. 

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Karen Stoj
K-12 Curriculum Specialist -
World Languages and English Learners

Phone: (860) 291-1255
Email: kstoj@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Michelle Rondinone
Administrative Secretary
Phone: (860) 291-1255
Email:  mrondinone@swindsor.k12.ct.us

English Learner Department Staff

 Eli Terry  Eli Terry Elementary Orchard Hill  Orchard Hill Elementary

Nicole Papa,  EL Teacher
Phone: (860) 512-8580
Email: npapa@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Colleen DeVita, EL Tutor
Email: cdevita@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Laura Finer, EL Tutor
Email: lfiner@swindsor.k12.ct.us
 PRS  Philip R. Smith Elementary  Pleasant Valley  Pleasant Valley Elementary
Lauren Suffish, EL Teacher
Email: lsuffish@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Phone: (860) 327-4514
Charlene Callahan, EL Teacher
Phone: (860) 856-8293
Email: ccallahan@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Rian Mckeag, EL Teacher
Phone: (860) 327-4514
Email: rmckeag@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Heather Bullock, EL Tutor
Email: hbullock@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Katie Pejril, EL Tutor
Email: kpejril@swindsor.k12.ct.us

TEMS  Timothy Edwards Middle School SWHS  South Windsor High School 
Lauren Suffish, EL Teacher
Phone: (860) 474-1967
Email: lsuffish@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Lauren Suffish, EL Teacher
Phone: (860) 474-1925
Email: lsuffish@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Hina Awais, EL Tutor
Email: hawais@swindsor.k12.ct.us
Brie Balducci, EL Tutor
Email: bbalducci@swindsor.k12.ct.us