6-8 Summer Math

6-8 Summer Math

Summer Math

The skills you have learned in math, and will continue to explore in the future, will benefit you no matter what you choose to be in life. Throughout the summer, we encourage you to notice math in the world around you and to continue to take on challenges. Whether you are doing things like counting money, calculating distances, measuring ingredients for a recipe, or keeping track of sports statistics, everyday activities bring math to life. 
Math teachers at TEMS have identified key skills from the IXL math program to solidify skills from the course you have just completed. These are not required assignments, but activities available to students who wish to brush up on their skills. (See "Math Practice Skills" menu to the right.) Although the suggested items are review topics, you are welcome to explore any topics from other math classes if you wish. We have shared general topics to explore over the summer if you choose.

This summer we are providing a variety of different optional math enrichment activities for students. See the links below: 

Connecticut Commissioner’s Summer Math Challenge: “A Journey through Mathematics.” Beginning June 17, families who take part in this activity will receive daily emails containing math-based activities. The program will continue through July 26. (See links below for additional information.)

Greg Tang Math Challenge. Students are familiar with Greg Tang math activities. Greg Tang Math is also offering a summer math challenge for students which incorporates math games and activities designed to keep skills fresh and help you use math in everyday life.

Math Skills Practice

To access the summer Math Skills Practice activities, click on the course that you have already completed during the 2018-2019 school year:

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 arrow Math 7
 arrow Pre-Algebra
 arrow Algebra
 arrow Geometry

Math Practice Websites

Khan Academy
IXL Math 
Greg Tang Math