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The administration and staff of South Windsor Public Schools appreciates the contributions that volunteers make in our schools every day. In our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and secure learning environment, we require a background check for individuals interested in volunteering.

Please provide the necessary information in the fields below. After filling in all the required fields and submitting the form, a background check will be conducted by the District’s Director of Safety and Security from various public databases.  
If you have specific questions about the background check, please contact Tom Dillon, Director of Safety and Security. Thank you for assisting us with keeping our schools a safe place for children.  
Volunteer Registration
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 South Windsor High School

 Timothy Edwards Middle School

 Orchard Hill Elementary School

 Philip R. Smith Elementary School

 Pleasant Valley Elementary School

 Eli Terry Elementary School


I have been made aware and understand that the school district administration will be conducting a background check to confirm my suitability to volunteer within the school district. 



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