Speech Language

Speech Language Pathologists

South Windsor's speech-language pathologists provide service to students with communication disorders involving articulation, fluency, oral language, or voice. Services range from consultation to direct intervention and are provided for children from birth to age 21. The speech-language pathologists provide comprehensive services for the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention of communication disabilities related to educational success, in accordance with federal and state regulations. Services are individualized for each student, based on the student's total educational program, and take into account the range of ability and performance of students within the school setting.

Programming for students with hearing impairments is also provided throughout the district in all grades PreK-12. The teacher for hearing impaired students provides direct and indirect consultative services to the students and the general education staff with whom they are fully integrated. Services provided include intensive language-based instruction, lip-reading, interpreting, specialized pre-teaching and post teaching, counseling and consultation with parents and the regular classroom teachers. Additional services also include the monitoring and maintenance of audiological equipment and consultation with audiologist. 

Speech Language Pathologist Email School 
Jennifer Araujo Email
Timothy Edwards 
Paula Crivello Email
Pleasant Valley 
Jennifer Giroux Email
Eli Terry
Lori Glass Email
Philip R. Smith
Timothy Edwards
Karen Johnson Email South Windsor High School
Lisa Mulé Email
Orchard Hill
Leslie Pendergast Email PreK @ TEMS
Lisa Phung-Ward Email
Melanie Wagner Email
Eli Terry
Dianne Nelson,
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired