School Nurse/Health Services


South Windsor Public Schools maintains a health office in each school building. Our school nurses are responsible for maximizing the health and well-being of our school-aged children and adolescents. Nurses provide routine and emergency health care for students and staff (as needed), and maintain student health records while ensuring compliance with regulations regarding immunizations, physical assessments, screenings, record keeping, and privacy mandates. School nurses also oversee the administration and documentation of prescribed medications and participate in the health education curriculum at our schools. Nurses discuss health concerns with students and parents, consult with physicians of students who have health concerns, and make home visits to students when needed. All student health information is kept confidential.

School Nurse Contact Information

 School/Nurse  Phone Fax   Email
Eli Terry Elementary
   •  Evelyn Russo, R.N. 
 (860) 327-4621  (860) 648-0142
Orchard Hill Elementary
   •  Anita Stapleton, R.N.
 (860) 512-8532  (860) 648-0141
Philip R. Smith
   •  Colleen Heneghan, R.N.
 (860) 327-4660  (860) 648-5014
Pleasant Valley
   •  Lisa Duclos, R.N.
 (860) 856-8285  (860) 282-2287
Timothy Edwards  Middle School
   •   Sue Nadeau, R.N.
   •   Katie Clark, R.N.
 (860) 648-5037  (860) 648-5029
South Windsor High School
   •   Lynda Biron, R.N.
   •   Beth Piantek, R.N.
 (860) 648-5009  (860) 474-1495