10-Year Elementary Facilities Plan

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Background and Overview

In October 2013, the Board of Education adopted the Elementary Facilities Ten-Year Master Plan to address our five aging elementary school buildings, which (at the time) ranged in age from 51 to 63 years old. This plan stems from the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan which called for the development of a "long-range elementary facilities plan that promotes a safe, engaging learning environment accessible to all students and community members.”

The Ten-Year Plan calls for a three-phased approach using multiple referenda to address South Windsor's elementary facilities needs over a span of ten years.  Phase One was officially complete in August 2017 with the opening of a newly constructed Orchard Hill school. We are now in Phase Two of the plan, which calls for the new construction of two elementary schools: Eli Terry and Philip R. Smith. Both schools are scheduled to open for students and staff in August 2020. If approved, Phase Three will include the construction of a new elementary school for Pleasant Valley. This phase is expected to commence in 2020 and be complete in 2023.

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Referendum:  March 2014

New School Opens:  August 2017

•  Construction of new PK-5 school (Orchard Hill)

Close Wapping School

Redistrict Wapping students to four remaining schools

Return Wapping to the town
  Use old Orchard Hill as "swing space" during Phase 2 and Phase 3 of construction


Referendum:  March 2017

New Schools Open:  August 2020

•  Construction of new K-5 school (Eli Terry)
Students remain in old Eli Terry building during construction
Old Eli Terry razed when new school building opens

Construction of new K-5 school (Philip R. Smith) 
Old PRS building demolished
PRS students move to old Orchard Hill swing space during construction


Referendum:  March 2020

New School Opens:  August 2023

•  Construction of new K-5 school (Pleasant Valley)
Pleasant Valley students move to old Orchard Hill swing space during construction
Old Pleasant Valley building demolished
•  When new Pleasant Valley opens, original Orchard Hill building no longer needed for swing space