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Our Mission
To provide quality, healthful school meals and nutritious snack choices while encouraging good nutrition practices as an integral part of the education of our students. 

 Director of Food Services South Windsor Schools
 Mary Ann Lopez, SNS Department of Food Services 1737 Main Street
 Administrative Assistant South Windsor, CT 06074
 Lisa Clayton 860-291-1230
Please send a letter to our office or an email to:

All corespondence should include "Refund" or "Transfer" and the last name of the student in the subject line.

General Information

The Department of Food Services encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing meals and snacks that contribute to learning about wise food choices.

South Windsor Schools participate in the federally funded National School Meals Program and the Healthy Food Certification. Breakfast and Lunch are offered to all students, whether paid, at reduced price or no cost to students whose families qualify financially and have completed the required Free & Reduced Meals form. Details on how to apply can be found on the Free and Reduced Price Meals page.


What your child can purchase with the money in his/her account is determined by what you, the parent, have indicated to us when sending the money to be deposited. A form is available to send with your deposit. Please click this link to complete a form and send in with your child to the kitchen manager in your child's school. 

Parents wanting to deposit money for meals only, keep in mind the price of breakfast and lunch and muliply by the number of meals you wish to purchase.

  • If you wish to allow your child to purchase snacks as well, you may indicate how much he/she is to spend each day or may leave it unlimited. If you plan to limit it, please include the price of a lunch and breakfast, if you choose to allow it, to your limit for snacks so that your child will be able to purchase both breakfast and lunch and snack. The amount you would send in would then be determined by these limits and how often you expect your child to purchase.
  • Any money left at the end of the school year will carry forward to next school year. Students moving to a new school (Timothy Edwards or South Windsor High School) will find the money left at the end of the year in their account at the new school! Seniors will be given their account balance in early May so they have time to spend it down before the end of the year.

Students will be expected to pay for meals at the time of service. Students have each been assigned a Student Meal Account and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to allow only he/she access to the account. To activate the account for your student, you must deposit money into the account. We encourage students to use their accounts as it allows for less chance of lost lunch money, quicker service at lunch time, and more parental control over a la carte purchases.

Parents can make deposits to the account by making payments to the kitchen staff in one of three ways:

  • Cash: accepted in any amount at any register at the school. If you choose to send cash daily, and not use the POS, we are less able to help you control your child’s spending and unlikely to identify allergies or food related concerns.
  • Checks: must be written for at least $25 and made out to SWSFS (South Windsor School Food Services) - We will return checks for less than $25, or that are not completed correctly (made out to the school, postdated, no signature, no address, etc). Please use blue or black ink (crayon, marker, and pencil is not allowed). And include your child’s name (first and last) on the check as a reference.
  • Online payment: Our account management software offers a parent portal through PAYPAMS, a website for parents to manage their children’s accounts. Parents register at and make payments directly to the child’s account using a credit card (there is a transaction fee for using a credit card which is explained on the website).

Our Point of Sale program works directly with PAYPAMS to provide detailed information about your students’ accounts so you can view it FREE anytime! We strongly recommend that all parents sign into PAYPAMS to access your child’s account information. From PAYPAMS you can:

View balances

Check child’s spending habits

View online account statement

Make online payments

Receive low balance email reminders

Set up automatic payments based on account balance


And this just in! The PayPAMS Mobile App is now available for Android and iPhone.  

Do it all with the convenience of a smart phone. Personalize the App by adding student pictures. It's easy! Start by downloading the PayPAMS App, searching for "PayPAMS" on Android's Google Play or the iPhone's App Store, then log in using your username and password. The PayPAMS App is free


Parents are ultimately responsible for maintaining an adequate balance in their students’ accounts. We encourage all parents to register on www.PAYPAMS.COM to be able to monitor their child’s account balance.

To reduce problems at the register when your child’s account is very low or out of money, we will also automatically notify a parent when a child’s account is at or below one day’s costs of breakfast and lunch.

If you do not want these notifications, please contact us at: and indicate in the subject line no notifications. In the body of the email give us the names of your students and their grade level.

Just a Reminder:

Throughout the year, checks received at mealtime may not be processed until the end of day.

Payment of cash or check should be brought to the kitchen staff upon arrival at school. Cashiers will apply the deposit to the account on that day.

Breakfast Information

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can also be the most challenging when trying to get your kids to eat healthier!

If you want your students fired up and ready to face the day’s challenges, work high-quality protein and fiber into the morning routine! These nutrients can make a huge difference in your child’s mood, attitude, attention, energy and stamina, and they take longer to digest so your little one won’t be gnawing at the walls five minutes after the bus rolls into the school parking lot.  

Our school breakfast, served just 20 minutes before classes begin, provide those high quality proteins and fibers in tasty breakfast items your students will enjoy. Stop by our menu page and see what we have cooking for your students!

  • Breakfast is available in all schools.
  • Students are allowed to come in up to 20 minutes prior to school starting time and join us in the cafeteria for a variety of choices including both hot and cold cereals and breakfast sandwiches, fruit, juice and milk.
  • Students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches, also qualify for breakfast. Students who use their POS account for lunch, may also use it for breakfast!
  • Parents may want to review the limits currently on their child’s account and make changes if necessary to include breakfast & lunch purchases. 
  • For your convenience, healthy snacks are also sold at this time for students who need a snack for classroom snack time.
  • Menus are easy accessible at the Menus link above.

Please feel free to join your child for breakfast one morning!

Summer Feeding Program Information

South Windsor School District does not offer a Summer feeding program, however, there are several options for you in Connecticut, please inquire with the following resources below to see what works for your family.

  • Summer meals are free, nutritious meals and snacks that are provided to kids and teens, 18 years of age and younger, throughout the summer when school is out. Meals are made possible through federal nutrition programs.
  • No paperwork required.
  • No registration required.
  • No identification (ID) required.
  • No cost!
  • All summer meals are FREE of charge to all kids & teens, 18 years of age and younger, at participating meal locations.

Wellness Policy and Healthy Food Certification

The South Windsor Board of Education adopted a Wellness Policy in the 2005-06 school year that encompasses both food and exercise in it's scope. The guidelines for food served and sold to students during the school day are provided in the Wellness Policy. Healthy Food Certification legislation provides for guidelines for foods sold a la carte and in locations other than the meal program area of the school.

We go on Field Trips Too!

With so many students using the Point of Sale (POS) system, we want to be sure all parents know that we do prepare bag lunches for any student going on a field trip. We simply ask that parents notify the teacher at least 2 days ahead so that we can have the bag ready before your child leaves on the day of the field trip. These bag lunches can be purchased with cash or account.

Elementary Form  Middle School Form

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