Entering Grade 7 Math

If you will be entering Grade 7 Math in the fall, you are encouraged to work on the IXL practice activities listed below. All of these skills are available here:


Review Topics IXL Practice Activities by Skill
Ratios and Rates R.3 - R.7
• Multiplication B.1 - B.3
• Division C.1 - C.6
• Decimals F.2 - F.5
• Add and Subtract Decimals G.1 - G.3
• Multiply and Divide Decimals H.2, H.4 - H.7
• Fractions and Mixed Numbers I.1 - I.11
• Multiply Fractions K.1 - K.12
• Divide Fractions L.2 - L.7
• Expressions and Properties Y.6 - Y.14
• One Variable Equations Z.3, Z.6 - Z.8