Cleaning, Sanitization and Ventilation

Each school building is working with our Facilities Department to maximize social distancing in classrooms and to set up classrooms that provide optimized instructional space for teachers and students. Directional signage will be installed in multiple locations throughout all buildings. Signs and messaging related to stopping the spread of the virus will be accessible for students with disabilities and in languages appropriate for the school population.
Hand sanitizing stations will be installed throughout the buildings. Additional PPE equipment such as masks (disposable, cloth and clear), face shields, gloves and other necessary items will be available to all staff as appropriate. Each classroom will be provided with a disinfectant product for use by staff in addition to custodial cleaning. Staff will receive training in proper cleaning techniques and protocols to fight the spread of Coronavirus. There will be enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of common high touch surfaces throughout all school buildings and district offices.

There will be additional cleaning and sanitizing in restrooms and classrooms periodically throughout the day. All cleaning and sanitizing products will meet Green Cleaning state standards. During non-occupied times, electrostatic sprayers will be used to disinfect more surfaces throughout all school buildings and district offices.

Students and adults are being advised not to use drinking fountains. As a result, we are in the process of converting the majority of our hallway drinking fountains to bottle refilling stations, and will continue to put these units in place. Students are encouraged to bring personal refillable water bottles from home.

Hand dryers in bathrooms have been disconnected and “no touch” paper towel dispensers have been added. Trash receptacles will also be “no touch,” and at least one “no touch” faucet has been installed in each bathroom.

HVAC systems throughout the district will be maintained as required by the State of Connecticut.

Link  Department of Public Health - Guidance for the Cleaning and Disinfection of Schools
Link  Department of Public Health - Guidance for Operation of Ventilation Systems in Schools

Community Use of Buildings

All school buildings will be unavailable for community use for after-school or evening events until further notice. The exception to this practice is the Parks and Recreation Department’s before and after school program, 4th R. Details about the operations of the 4th R program will come directly from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Visitors and Volunteers

The administration and staff of South Windsor Public Schools appreciates the contributions that volunteers make in our schools. We also recognize the desire of parents to visit classrooms or speak with school staff from time to time. However, in our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and secure learning environment, no visitors or volunteers will be permitted into classrooms, cafeterias or office spaces until further notice. Parents will need to schedule an appointment if they need to meet with school staff.  Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up. Details regarding student drop-off, after-school pick-up and mid-day appointments or pick-ups will be provided by building principals.