Social/Emotional Well-Being of Students

Social/Emotional Well-Being of Students

At the start of the school year, teachers will prioritize community building and reacclimating students to the schedule and routine of in-person learning. Additionally, some students may have experienced family issues, health emergencies and/or trauma due to the pandemic. Therefore, it will be especially important to take time at the start of the school year to build community and establish norms in the new class through fun and engaging activities. This will prepare students mentally to engage with new learning and assessments.

Part of building community will also include robust communication and engagement with families as learning partners, and these relationships should continue to be nurtured so if distance learning resumes, relationships between teachers and families will be strong.

Professional development for teachers and staff will focus on creating safe, supportive, and equitable learning environments. Trauma informed practices, mindfulness, and the importance of building relationships in which students are intrinsically motivated (both academically and socially) will be the focus of this professional development. In addition, our building principals will work closely with our counselors, school psychologists and social workers to ensure strategies are in place to support all students. We also recognize the importance of supporting staff as we transition back to school. Professional development will be provided on wellness, mindfulness, and other strategies related to promoting positive mental health.

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