Special Education

Special Edcuation

During last year’s COVID-19 school closures, our teachers and staff worked hard to overcome obstacles associated with Distance Learning and we are grateful for their innovation and perseverance. In addition, our experiences during last year’s school closure have informed our thinking and allowed improvements to be made in the delivery of special services when a student is learning from home.

In developing reopening plans, consideration must be given to students who qualify for services under IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Federal disability laws allow for flexibility in determining how to meet the individualized needs of students requiring special education services. For families who opt for distance learning at home, we will continue to provide special education services to students to the greatest extent feasible. The district will continue to ensure that special services are addressed based on individual student needs. Protocols will consider the student’s developmental level and skills when making individual program decisions. For students who are participating in In-Person Instruction, student support services are expected to occur in designated spaces which will be sanitized between sessions. Special education services may also be provided in the child’s classroom (rather than relocating to a separate space) in order to keep cohorts together and limit hallway traffic.

Planning and Placement Team (PPT) and 504 meetings will continue in a virtual format whenever possible. Special education case managers and school teams will work in partnership with parents and guardians. More specific information regarding Special Education will be sent to parents from case managers and building administration.