Project Manager Receives Leadership Award

Project Manager Receives Leadership Award
Posted on 06/11/2024

Ten-Year Elementary Facilities Plan Project Manager, Chuck Warrington, Recognized

Chuck Warrington, Principal Associate, Colliers Project Leaders, was instrumental in the success of each phase of South Windsor's Ten-Year Elementary Facilities Plan, guiding all four new schools to successful completion, on time and under budget.

Mr. Warrington was recently given an award for his leadership on these projects from Colliers, which he presented at the May 28th Board of Education meeting, and wished to share with the district. Pictured above is the award, which was on display at the Ellsworth administrative building.

Mr. Warrington has been a part of the Ten-Year Plan since its inception in 2013, and such a plan could not have been executed without Colliers and his guidance and expertise.

A former resident of South Windsor, Mr. Warrington relayed his pride to have worked on these projects. He also commended the Public Building Commission, Town, and Board of Education for their cohesive work on these projects, noting that South Windsor is a model to many districts in the state of Connecticut, as well as the State Office of School Construction, for its amazing success in building the new schools.