Phase One Milestones and Timeline

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Phase One Milestones and Timeline

9/2011 Strategic Plan adopted by Board of Education 
7/2013 School conditions assessed
10/2013 Elementary Facilities Plan approved by BOE
12/2013 Master Plan presented to Town Council by BOE
12/2013 Education Specifications approved by BOE
3/2014 PBC appointed by Town Council 
3/2014 Referendum passed by South Windsor residents 
6/2014 ED049 Grant Application filed
7/2014 Architect selected by PBC
8/2014 Owner's Representative selected by PBC
9/2014 Education programming meetings held 
10/2014 Geotechnical site exploration conducted 
12/2014 Community public information session held
12/2014 Construction Manager selected by PBC
1/2015 Surveying work conducted
2/2015 Schematic Design documents approved by PBC
3/2015 Project reviewed by Planning and Zoning
4/2015 Commissioning Agent selected by PBC 
5/2015 Community public information session held 
6/2015 ED049 Grant Application approved by the state
7/2015 Office of School Facilities (OSF) Plan Review
8/2015 Project approved by Inland Wetlands Agency/Conservation Committee
9/2015 Revisions to Ed Specs approved by BOE
11/2015 Final approval of plans and specs 
11/2015 OSF completes plan review
1/2016 Structural contracts awarded by PBC
2/2016 Community public information session held
2/2016 Groundbreaking Ceremony for new Orchard Hill
6/2016 Orchard Hill Beam Signing
7/2016  Orchard Hill Topping Off Ceremony
8/2017  Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new Orchard Hill
8/2017 Building opens for students and staff!