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1-strongly agree, 2-agree, 3-disagree, 4-strongly disagree NA-not applicable

COMPETITIVENESS / PHYSICAL FITNESS: We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through hard work at all times. We view physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle as essential in order to perform at the highest level.

My coach encouraged me to maintain good physical conditioning in the off-season by providing me with a conditioning program.​​​​
The methods used to attain and maintain good physical conditioning during the season were appropriate to the sport.​​
My skills and knowledge of the game improved over the season.​​​
Our team’s skills and knowledge of the game improved over the season​​
My coach used a variety of drills to teach the skills of the game.​​
My coach taught us a variety of offensive and defensive strategies.​​
My coach monitored my academic progress.​​
My coach valued my academic success.​​
My playing time was appropriate based on my ability.​​
The athletic trainer was available to service my needs and the needs of our team.​​
My coach challenged his/her athletes.​​
My coach has well planned practices.​​
My coach maintained a safe and orderly practice area.​​

TEAMWORK: We work collaboratively and cooperatively for the benefit of the team.

Being a member of this team helped me learn how to work well with others.​​
Being a member of this team was a positive experience for me. ​​
My coach supported appropriate team traditions.​​
My coach fostered team unity.​​
My coach clearly defined my role on the team.​​

SPORTSMANSHIP/CITIZENSHIP: We are respectful competitors and fans at all times, representing the South Windsor community with pride, integrity, and dignity in all endeavors.

My coach exhibits enthusiasm in his/her coaching efforts.​​
My coach inspired his/her athletes.​​
My coach demonstrated good sportsmanship.​​
My coach demonstrated a positive leadership style.​​
My coach served as a good role model for his/her athletes.​​
I respect my coach.​​
Being a member of this team helped me in the area of self-control.​​
Being a member of a team helped me to become a better decision maker.​​
My coach helped improve my self-confidence.​​

COMMUNICATION: We communicate openly and clearly will the South Windsor High School athletic community.

My coach effectively communicated the (team) selection criteria and process.​​
My coach effectively communicated the team rules and policies.​​
My coach consistently enforced team rules and policies.​​
My coach used effective communication skills with athletes and parents.​​
My coach was available and willing to discuss personal issues that I might have.​​
My coach provided constructive criticism.​​
My coach clearly communicated the selection criteria of the team’s leaders or captains.​​
My coach provided me with useful feedback to improve my skills throughout the season.​​

South Windsor Public Schools    1737 Main Street    South Windsor, CT 06074    Phone: 860.291.1200   
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