Preschool Outreach Program

Applications for the 2024-2025 POP Program Now Being Accepted!

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POP South Windsor Public Schools is committed to educating preschool children with special education needs in integrated environments which are developmentally appropriate. Each child is viewed as an individual with unique abilities and educational needs. The goal of our early intervention program is to maximize a child’s ability to benefit from ongoing and future educational opportunities. Like all of our special education programs, South Windsor provides a wide range of services for our preschool population, including home-school consultations, community placements, coordinated services with other agencies, or placement in the Preschool Outreach Program (POP).

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The Bureau of Special Education is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Office of Early Childhood and Sparkler that will help all Connecticut children get off to a strong start. Sparkler is a free app for families that can be used as a developmental screening tool, a source for activities to support child development, and assists parents with making connections with professionals. Sparkler engages families to promote healthy early childhood development. Please see the information below on how to download Sparkler.

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Alicia White
Esther Boakye-Dattey   Jenna Trudeau
Alicia White
Supervisor of Special Education 
Phone: (860) 291-1235
Esther Boakye-Dattey
Principal, Pleasant Valley
Phone: (860) 610-0291
Jenna Trudeau
Associate Principal, Pleasant Valley
Phone: (860) 610-0291