Background Checks and Fingerprinting

Background Checks

The State of Connecticut requires any person who is hired by a local or regional board of education (teacher, administrator, special service staff member, paraeducator, security worker, substitute teacher, custodian, cafeteria employee, etc.) to submit to a state and national criminal history record check, as well as a check for any record of child abuse, within the first 30 days of the date of employment. Applicants are required under the law to provide a prospective employer with the name, address and telephone number of all current or former employers if such employer was a local or regional board of education, a governing council of a state or local charter school, an inter-district magnet school operator or if the employment caused the applicant to have contact with children.


All school employees are required to be fingerprinted. The fingerprinting process for all new employees will begin at South Windsor Public Schools' Central Office. Following their intake appointment at central office, new hires will be advised of the online pre-enrollment and costs associated with registering for fingerprints. New hires will then be directed to the South Windsor Police Department/ Additional applicant fingerprinting locations will also be provided. Please note that the police department charges an additional fee, and requires that a photo ID be provided.  

Fingerprints will be checked by the State Police Bureau of Identification and the F.B.I. The results of the criminal history record checks (both state and federal) will be reported to the employing school district. If the district receives notice of a conviction of a crime by a person holding a certificate, authorization or permit issued by the State Board of Education, the district shall notify the Bureau Educator Standards and Certification.