Bus Marlene Pouliot
Transportation Coordinator
Phone: (860) 291-1252

South Windsor Public Schools provides transportation in accordance with transportation policies and guidelines. Students are expected to conform to regular standards of behavior while being transported to and from school as outlined in the Bus Rules and Regulations. 

Elementary School Districts (alpha by street)
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2021-2022 Bus Routes

Eli Terry
Eli Terry Elementary
Orchard Hill Elementary
Philip R. Smith Elementary
Pleasant Valley Elementary
Timothy Edwards Middle School
South Windsor High School
International Magnet School
Cheney Tech
Cheney Tech

Please note that morning and afternoon routes may differ. If you have any questions regarding the morning or afternoon routes, please contact the Transportation Office at (860) 291-1252.

* Buses for IMS, Cheney Tech and Rockville VoAg students will follow South Windsor with regard to weather related cancellations, delays and early dismissals. The only exception is when these schools have an early dismissal and South Windsor does not. In this instance, buses will be sent to accommodate the early dismissal.

Transportation Safety Complaints/Procedures

All questions/concerns regarding student transportation must be addressed to the building principal. If the building principal is not available to respond to questions/concerns, parents should contact the transportation office at (860) 291-1252. Parents should not board the bus to discuss any transportation issues with the bus driver. All complaints concerning school transportation safety should also be reported to the Transportation Office. A written record of all complaints will be maintained and an investigation of the claims will take place.