Bus Stop Appeals

Appealing a Bus Stop Location

Parents/guardians who wish to appeal their child's assigned bus stop location may file an appeal in accordance with Board of Education transportation policy and guidelines by contacting the South Windsor Public Schools Transportation Office at (860) 291-1252.

Link  Board of Education Transportation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who can file an appeal?

A:  Appeals can only be filed by parents/legal guardians on behalf of their own children.


Q:  My child has to walk to the bus stop, which seems really far. What are the walking limits?

A:  Grades K-5 can walk up to 3/10 of a mile, Grades 6-8 will walk up to 1/2 of a mile, and Grades 9-12 will walk up to one mile.


Q: What if I cannot see my child’s bus stop from my house?

A:  The ability of a parent or guardian to view the bus stop from their property is not a constraint to be considered when establishing bus stop locations.  Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring the safety of students to/from bus stop locations, including wait time.


Q:  Why did my bus stop change?

A:  Bus stops are not guaranteed from year to year. Modifications to bus stops and routes will automatically expire at the end of the academic year, except for documented hazardous safety conditions which warrant a continuing modification or change to a bus stop or route. Every year in mid-August new bus information will be posted to your Parent Portal. This will include your student(s) bus number, bus stop location, pickup time and drop-off time.

Q:  Once I file an appeal, does anyone go out to look at the bus stop? Will I be notified ahead of time?

A:  South Windsor Public Schools and/or South Windsor Police Services will, in accordance with transportation policy and guidelines, conduct a site review only if there are valid claims regarding hazards or matters of safety.


Q:  My child attends a daycare that is not in the same district as our home/school. Can my child receive transportation to this daycare?

A:  South Windsor Public Schools does not provide transportation to daycare facilities that are located outside a student’s designated elementary school district. Furthermore, South Windsor Public Schools does not provide door-to-door service to in-home daycare.


Q:  Can I appeal the bus stop location that services my child’s daycare?

A: Bus stops associated with childcare centers or home daycare providers are not subject to appeal. If the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the bus stop location under these circumstances, transportation will revert to the bus stop location associated with the student’s home residence.