Doug Couture
Doug Couture
Director of Technology Systems and Programs
Phone: (860) 291-1273
Cindy Doherty
Website/Technology Support
Phone: (860) 291-1276

Service Desk
Technology Support for Staff

scott Scott Matchett
Director of Technical Operations and Services
Phone: (860) 291-1253

 Albrecht Steve Albrecht
K-12 Educational Technology
Career and Technical Education Curriculum Specialist 

Phone: (860) 291-1271


Technology has forever changed not only what we need to learn, but the way we learn. Digital age skills are vital for preparing students to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities. The mission of the Office of Technology is to promote student and staff proficiency in the use and application of technology to analyze, learn and explore.

Link  Chromebook and iPad Insurance
Link 2018-2021 District Technology Plan (Adopted 1/23/18)

Link 2015-2018 District Technology Plan
Link Student Data Privacy

Link SWPS Telecommunications/Internet Acceptable Use Form
Link One to One Chromebook/iPad Information
Link  Helpful Tips for Parents and Students

Technical Support Services 

Scot Ruimerman
Manager of Technical Operations

Richard Callahan
Desktop Support Technician
Corey Leveille
Network Specialist

Madeleine Lapuk
Desktop Specialist Technician
Kyle Marquis
Desktop Specialist Technician
Shawn Durand
Network Infrastructure and Applications Specialist


Data Services

Donna Kremidas
PowerSchool Systems Operator
Phone: (860) 291-1274

Kristen Kozel
Student Information Specialist
Phone: (860) 291-1295

Education Technology

Ed Duclos
Education Content Coach - SWHS

Deborah Matchett
Education Content Coach - TEMS
Danyelle Ross
Education Content Coach - K-5

Copy Center

Eustace Joshua
Copy Center Operator