Series 1000 - Community

South Windsor Board of Education Policies


Series 1000 - Community/Board Operation

The South Windsor Board of Education Policies are included below. Click on any of the numbered items to view the policy indicated. 

Link  1001  Communication
Link 1001a-C19
 Health and Safety Protocols Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Link  1002  Distribution of Materials by Students
Link  1003  Nondiscrimination 
Link  1004  Visits or Observations at Schools;
 Loitering or Causing Disturbance
Link  1005  Use of School Facilities 
Link  1006  Smoking in School Facilities
Link  1007  Possession of Deadly Weapons or Firearms
Link  1008  Green Cleaning Program
Link  1009  School Volunteers, Student Interns
 and Other Non-Employees
Link  1010  Advertising and Promotion