Board Members and Committees

South Windsor Board of Education

 Name  Title 
Lisa M. Maneeley   Chairwoman
Beth Esstman   Vice Chair
Craig Zimmerman  Secretary
Genevieve Coursey  Board Member 
Dipali Kalia  Board Member
Kenna Kimber   Board Member
Paul Macchi  Board Member 
Mitchell Marks  Board Member
Elena Poma  Board Member

Board of Education Committees


Committee Members/Representatives

Capital Projects Committee

Kenna Kimber, Paul Macchi, and
Craig Zimmerman

Capital Region Education Council (CREC)

Mitchell Marks

Energy Committee

Mitchell Marks

Insurance Control Commission

Craig Zimmerman 

Negotiations Committee

Appointed as Required

Parks and Recreation Committee Liaison

Genevieve Coursey, Mitchell Marks, and Elena Poma

Pension Committee

Kenna Kimber 

Policy Review Committee

Genevieve Coursey, Beth Esstman, Lisa Maneeley, and Elena Poma

Superintendent's Evaluation Committee Committee of the Whole 

Technology Committee - Districtwide

Dipali Kalia

Transportation Committee

Committee of the Whole

Contact the Board

Please direct routine phone calls and inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent at (860) 291-1205.