Price and Payment Information

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  • Elementary Breakfast - $1.50
  • Elementary Lunch - $2.75 (milk is included with a meal purchase)
  • Timothy Edwards Breakfast - $1.60
  • Timothy Edwards Lunch $2.85 (milk is included with a meal purchase)
  • High School Breakfast - $1.75/ $2.25
  • High School Lunch - $ 3.00/ $ 3.50 (milk is included with a meal purchase)

Teachers and Adult Meals are purchased a la carte

Monthly Chart
*Milk a la carte (purchased seperate from a a meal): $0.50 for 8 oz.



What your child can purchase with the money in his/her account is determined by what you, the parent, have indicated to us when sending the money to be deposited. A form is available to send with your deposit. Please click this link to complete a form and send in with your child to the kitchen lead in your child's school.

Parents wanting to deposit money for meals only, keep in mind the price of breakfast and lunch and multiply by the number of meals you wish to purchase.

If you wish to allow your child to purchase snacks as well, you may indicate how much he/she is to spend each day or may leave it unlimited. If you plan to limit it, please include the price of a lunch and breakfast, if you choose to allow it, to your limit for snacks so that your child will be able to purchase both breakfast and lunch and snack. The amount you would send in would then be determined by these limits and how often you expect your child to purchase.

Based on the buying patterns of district students we have put together a chart of meal prices for the 2015-2016 school year. Milk is included in the meal price. The monthly cost is based on an average 20 days per month per the district calendar of actual school days and can be used as a tool for our regularly purchasing students. Extra items may be purchased at the a la carte price at any of the school sites and is not reflected in the chart totals below. Prices are subject to change, per school board approval and state and federal regulations.

Any money left at the end of the school year will carry forward to next school year. Students moving to a new school (Timothy Edwards or South Windsor High School) will find the money left at the end of the year in their account at the new school! Seniors will be given their account balance in early May so they have time to spend it down before the end of the year.

Students will be expected to pay for meals at the time of service. Students have each been assigned a Student Meal Account and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to allow only he/she access to the account. To activate the account for your student, you must deposit money into the account. We encourage students to use their accounts as it allows for less chance of lost lunch money, quicker service at lunch time, and more parental control over a la carte purchases.

Parents can make deposits to the account by making payments to the kitchen staff in one of three ways:

  1. Cash: accepted in any amount at any register at the school. If you choose to send cash daily, and not use the POS, we are less able to help you control your child's spending and unlikely to identify allergies or food related concerns.

  2. Checks: must be written for at least $25 and made out to SWSFS (South Windsor School Food Services) - We will return checks for less than $25, or that are not completed correctly (made out to the school, postdated, no signature, no address, etc). Please use blue or black ink (crayon, marker, and pencil is not allowed). And include your child's name (first and last) on the check as a reference.

  3. Online payment: Our account management software offers a parent portal through PAYPAMS, a website for parents to manage their children's accounts. Parents register at and make payments directly to the child's account using a credit card (there is a transaction fee for using a credit card which is explained on the website).

Our Point of Sale program works directly with PAYPAMS to provide detailed information about your students' accounts so you can view it FREE anytime! We strongly recommend that all parents sign into PAYPAMS to access your child's account information. From PAYPAMS you can:

  • View balances
  • Check child's spending habits
  • View online account statement
  • Make online payments
  • Receive low balance email reminders
  • Set up automatic payments based on account balance

The PayPAMS Mobile App now available for Android and iPhone.

Do it all with the convenience of a smart phone. Personalize the App by adding student pictures. It's easy! Start by downloading the PayPAMS App, searching for "PayPAMS" on Android's Google Play or the iPhone's App Store, then log in using your username and password. The PayPAMS App is free.


Parents are ultimately responsible for maintaining an adequate balance in their students' accounts. We encourage all parents to register on www.PAYPAMS.COM to be able to monitor their child's account balance.

To reduce problems at the register when your child's account is very low or out of money, we will also automatically notify an elementary school parent with a low balance note sent home when a child's account is at or below one day's costs of breakfast and lunch. Middle and High School students are told as they are going through the breakfast and lunch lines of low balances.

If you do not want these notifications, please contact us at: and indicate in the subject line no notifications. In the body of the email give us the names of your students and their grade level.

Just a Reminder: Throughout the year, checks received at mealtime will not be processed until the end of day. Payment of cash or check should be brought to the kitchen staff upon arrival at school. Cashiers will apply the deposit to the account on that day.