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About Us

The Town of South Windsor was founded as part of Windsor in 1633 by English settlers, and was incorporated in 1845 as a separate municipality. Throughout much of its history, the Town has been characterized by agriculture, resulting from fertile land and abundant water resources. Today, however, South Windsor affords a blend of gracious residential living, a thriving commercial community, and an expanding high-tech industrial base.

We are a town rich in cultural, agricultural and philosophical history. John Bissell’s Ferry, the first across the Connecticut River, was in continuous operation from 1641 – 1917. The Reverend Timothy Edwards was pastor of the first church in the parish from 1694 – 1756. John Fitch Boulevard in South Windsor (also known as Route 5) was named in honor of John Fitch, actual inventor of America's first steamboat. And South Windsor is also home to the nation’s oldest continually operating post office.

Town of South Windsor

South Windsor Public Schools

Eli Terry Elementary 
Phone: (860) 648-5020
Fax: (860) 648-0142

Orchard Hill Elementary
Phone: (860) 648-5015
Fax: (860) 648-0141

Philip R. Smith Elementary 
Phone: (860) 648-5025
Fax: (860) 648-5014

Pleasant Valley Elementary
Phone: (860) 610-0291
Fax: (860) 282-2287

Timothy Edwards Middle School 
Phone: (860) 648-5030
Fax: (860) 648-5029

South Windsor High School
Phone: (860) 648-5000
Fax: (860) 648-5013