Portrait of a Graduate


The South Windsor Public Schools promote an engaging and dynamic culture of learning that prepares students to achieve their own individual excellence. Within an emotionally safe environment, educators will foster students' academic, social and personal growth. Our students will demonstrate critical and creative thinking, self-direction, collaboration, adaptability, kindness, compassion and civic responsibility. The SWPS graduate will possess a learner's mindset, exhibit resilience and social consciousness and be empowered to participate in an ever-changing global society. South Windsor graduates are: 

Engaged learners act on their intrinsic curiosity, explore their passions, and act with a sense of purpose. They ask, "How does this work?" "What can I do with this?" and "How can I make this better?"

I can...

Make CHOICES about what I learn, how I learn, and how I communicate my learning to others

Take OWNERSHIP of my learning by setting goals, measuring my progress, and curating my learning products

Use my VOICE to express my sense of purpose, to structure my work and ideas, and to communicate my insights and knowledge publicly

Pursue AUTHENTIC learning opportunities that allow me to make a genuine difference

Empowered people apply their knowledge and skills as active members of their community. They take on meaningful causes, and strive to make a positive impact.
I can...

Access, analyze, and evaluate information in order to make informed decisions

Take initiative and self-directed actions to solve problems

Strive to improve our world

Use technology and media in a safe and respectful manner

Socially conscious citizens are aware of the needs of others and take action as members of local, national, and global communities. 

I can...

Demonstrate kindness, compassion, empathy, and ethical behavior

Adopt multiple perspectives to understand the needs and ideas of others

Embrace the diversity of others as a strength, including thoughts, beliefs, and abilities

Individuals who practice resilience have an "I-can-do-it" attitude that allows them to persevere through challenging and ever-changing circumstances.
I can...

Commit to physical and emotional wellness, including diet, exercise, responsible decision-making, and stress management

Regulate my behavior and manage distractions to work effectively 

Approach problems with a growth mindset and confidence

Adapt to changing circumstances and to new information

Take intellectual risks in pursuit of learning