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Effective January 22, 2019, the South Windsor Board of Education adopted, in its entirety, a new set of Board Policies. Each of these new policies may be viewed or searched using the links to the left. A summary of Policy Series categories is provided below. 

1000 Community/Board Operation


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2000 Administration
3000 Business and Non-Instructional Operations
4000 Personnel - Certified and Non-Certified 
5000 Students
6000 Instruction
9000 Bylaws of the Board 



On September 22, 2020, the South Windsor Board of Education approved and adopted a COVID-19 Temporary Policy Packet which serves to temporarily amend existing policies and administrative regulations. The introductory policy entitled “Policy Concerning the Temporary Policies and Regulations Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic” authorizes the temporary amendment and addition of these policies with certain sunset dates. The new COVID-19 policies will control in cases where there is a conflict between the existing policies and adopted temporary policies. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the following temporary policies expire on June 30, 2021. Links to the temporary policies are provided in the Policy Numbers below:

Policy No. Title
1001-C19 Temporary Policies and Regulations Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic 
1001a-C19 Health and Safety Protocols Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic
1004-C19 Visits or Observances at School/Loitering or Causing a Disturbance
1005-C19 Use of School Facilities
1008-C19 Green Cleaning Program
3008-C19 Transportation
4002-C19 Employment and Student Teacher Checks
4011-C19 Employee Use of the District's Computer Systems and Electronic Communications
4020-C19 Families First Coronavirus Response Act Leave (expires 12/31/2020, per federal law)
5001-C19 Attendance, Excused Absences and Truancy 
5002-C19 Student Discipline
5010-C19 Use of Private Technological Devices by Students
5015-C19 Health Assessments/Screenings and Oral Health Assessments and Immunizations
5030-C19 Use of Face Coverings in School
6003-C19  Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety
6016-C19 Credit for Online Courses
9016-C19 Meeting Conduct