Elementary World Language

Marisa Lewis
Elementary World Language Teacher
Orchard Hill/Pleasant Valley
Phone: (860) 512-8582

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Melissa Morales-Reyes
Elementary World Language Teacher
Eli Terry/Pleasant Valley
Phone: (860) 327-4635

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Megan Wojcicki
Elementary World Language Teacher
Philip R. Smith/Pleasant Valley
Phone: (860) 768-3840

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Professora Lewis will be teaching students at Orchard Hill and Eli Terry; Professora Morales-Reyes will be teaching students at Eli Terry and Orchard Hill; and Professora Wojcicki will be teaching students at Philip R. Smith and Pleasant Valley.
Email either teacher if you are interested in helping with our program in any way. Also, if you speak Spanish and are willing to read to the students, we would love to hear from you!

Program Overview

Learning a language at an early age helps students become effective communicators and allows them to understand different cultural perspectives and practices at a deeper level. The elementary world language program teaches Spanish through art, songs, games, and engaging learning activities that connect to the themes included in the curriculum in grades 1 - 5.
To learn more about the program, schedule or the teachers, please visit our website using the link below:
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