School Lunch Policies and Procedures

The following procedures are in place based on policies established by the South Windsor Board of Education:

 Handling Milk Substitutions
 Account Refunds and Transfers
 Meal Service to Students Without Funds or Food
 Returned Checks
 Wellness Policy

For clarification on accommodating the special dietary needs of your child, and the forms to be filled out by your Physician/Medical Authority, please click here

Wellness Policy and Healthy Food Certification

As outlined in Wellness Policy #6006, the South Windsor Board of Education recognizes the importance of promoting healthful lifestyle practices. To this end, the Board has authorized district administration to develop an integrated nutrition program and an integrated physical activity program that will provide students with the skills and support to influence healthful lifestyle practices. South Windsor Public Schools will take the appropriate measures, on school grounds, to promote healthful student eating through a nutritionally sound school meals program, promote the consumption of healthful foods and beverages in the classroom, and promote increased physical activity for students during the school day (as defined by federal regulations.) Healthy Food Certification legislation provides for guidelines for foods sold a la carte and in locations other than the meal program area of the school.

Link  2017 Wellness Survey Results