School Counseling


All students in grades 6-12 have a dedicated school counselor.  The role of a school counselor centers on each student's social-emotional development, academic achievement/advisement, and career/future planning. These areas are covered through classroom lessons, individual conferencing, family meetings, and in conjunction with school-based teams. School counselors are committed to meeting the needs of each individual student and family.

Link CT Comprehensive School Counseling Framework

Benjamin Wry
School Counseling Curriculum Specialist
Phone: (860) 648-5003
Fax: (860) 648-5088 

Timothy Edwards Middle School 
(860) 648-5033
 Margaret Asselin
School Counselor
Grade 6 Lime Team
Grade 7 M-Z

Alison Jennings
School Counselor
Grade 6 Emerald Team
Grade 8 L-Z

Amie Kutz
School Counselor
Grade 6 Sage Team
Grade 8 A-K

Patricia Lakomy
School Counselor
Grade 6 Evergreen Team
Grade 7 A-L

South Windsor High School 
(860) 648-5003
Nathan Briggs
School Counselor
Michele Brown-Quinn
School Counselor
Dina Keleher
School Counselor
 Jillian Dobosz
School Counselor

Krista Nordmark
School Counselor
Dan Peters
School Counselor 
 Julie Wlodarczyk
School Counselor