Peer Role Models

Community Peer Role Model Application

Link  Peer Role Model Application

Parents who are interested in their child participating in the POP program as a community peer role model can obtain an application from any South Windsor elementary school main office at any time during the school year. The number of students accepted into the program is determined by the number of special education students enrolled. If more children apply than there are openings, we will employ a lottery system for selection.

The cost to participate in the POP program as a peer role model is $2,000. This amount may be paid in three installments.

Transportation for students enrolled as peer role models is the responsibility of the parent. 

Peer Role Model Eligibility

To be eligible for consideration, the child must be:

•  a resident of South Windsor;

3-5 years of age; 
•  toilet trained; and
•  able to model appropriate skills in the areas of play, language, social, and adaptive behaviors as determined by a screening process

Once the application is complete, the POP teachers will invite your child to come in for a screening. Teachers will observe the child to determine if he/she demonstrates age appropriate communication and social skills.