Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?

How does a substitute teacher select which schools, subjects, and days he/she is willing to substitute teach?
After you have filled out an application and filled out employment forms, you will be emailed a message from our automated sub caller system, Frontline, with a login name and PIN. On this web site, you can enter preferred schools and subjects, as well as your schedule availability.

How will I be notified about available assignments? 
Our automated substitute teacher system will call your phone number and you can accept assignments over the phone. You can also view assignments online or call the Frontline Substitute System phone number to browse available assignments. (Please note: phone calls from Frontline will display as a 1-800-#)
If something comes up and I am unable to work an assignment, what should I do? 
Call into or log on to your Frontline account and cancel the assignment. You can also call Kerry Macchi at (860) 291-1218.

If a teacher speaks with me about an assignment in person, do I still need to accept the assignment online? 
Yes. If you verbally agree to sub for a teacher, you must log on to the Frontline system to accept the assignment. 

When will I get paid? 
A Payroll Calendar will be given to you at the time of hire. You are paid bi-weekly.

Who do I call if I have questions about any aspect of substitute teaching?
Call Kerry Macchi in the Human Resources office at (860) 291-1218.