World Languages


Karen Stoj 
K-12 World Languages Curriculum Specialist
Phone: (860) 474-1453
Michelle Rondinone
Administrative Secretary
Phone: (860) 291-1255

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The mission of the world language program is to equip students with the tools necessary to become proficient in a world language and to develop the skills necessary to become active participants in a global society. The world language department provides students with a proficiency-based program focusing on communication. Students learn a world language in an environment that encourages them to:

  • Progress in their ability to proficiently use the language to become effective communicators in a global society

  • Explore and gain knowledge about diverse cultures

  • Make connections with other languages and areas of study

Through the knowledge of culturally-specific interpersonal behaviors as well as historical, literary, artistic, and musical accomplishments of the culture of the target languages, students learn to recognize the rich diversity that exists. Students are then able to compare their values and their own behaviors to those of other citizens of the global community.

Technology continues to play an integral and critical role in world language learning as it provides more opportunities for students to connect with other cultures and their languages and helps increase student proficiency in all areas of language learning. Technology will truly become essential and critical in facilitating language learning for the 21st century.