Social Studies

Sara Slogesky
K-12 Curriculum Specialist, Social Studies
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Michelle Rondinone
Administrative Secretary
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CSDE - Social Studies
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The Social Studies curriculum will prepare all students to live in the global community of the 21st century. This standards-based and developmental curriculum will challenge all students to develop literacy skills, intellectual curiosity, decision-making abilities, and critical and creative higher-order thinking skills. Therefore, all students will be motivated to become active, responsible, and open-minded citizens. The curriculum is designed to allow for a wide variety of learning experiences appropriate to students at each grade level. All students are provided opportunities to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the areas of history, geography, civics, economics, and behavioral sciences. The major goals of the Social Studies curriculum are:
  • To engage students through the inquiry process which includes developing questions and planning inquiry, applying interdisciplinary concepts and tools, evaluating sources and using evidence, and communicating conclusions and taking informed action.
  • To cultivate essential skills such as gathering and interpreting information from primary and secondary sources as well as electronic media, and to have students demonstrate an understanding of history and social studies issues in written work.
  • To develop and demonstrate an understanding of cultural contributions from various past and present civilizations.
  • To foster each student’s understanding of significant events and themes in United States history, world history, and international studies.
  • To understand the role of Connecticut in major events in United States history.
 Red White and Blue South Windsor Public Schools has been recognized by the CT Office of the Secretary of State and the CT Department of Education in both 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 as a Red, White and Blue School District. This recognition is given to schools that foster strong civic engagement among students. In 2016-2017, South Windsor was the outstanding K-12 district in the state of Connecticut for its coverage of the 2016 Election. In 2017-2018, South Windsor was one of 8 schools or districts in the state to be recognized for its local community engagement.

The Social Studies Department is thankful for the close relationship between the district schools, its curriculum, and the South Windsor community.