Transportation Information Forms

In order to provide accurate student pick-up and drop-off times for our families, we need to know who will be riding our buses. Therefore, we ask that a Transportation Information Form be completed annually for each student enrolled in South Windsor Public Schools.

This electronic form is available through your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Select "Forms," then scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Transportation Information Form." If you have problems accessing your Parent Portal account, please contact the school's main office for assistance.

2023-2024 Transportation Information Form

Please complete all required fields. The form can be updated or changed at any time, but you should allow 5 days to process any changes. For the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, families should also be aware that no changes can be made between August 21 - September 4, 2024. 

The South Windsor Public Schools "Opt-In Bus Stop Supervision" form and the transportation forms for Academy of International Studies Elementary School (AISE) still need to be submitted manually to the Transportation Office. Links to the forms are available below: 

Link Academy of International Studies Elementary School (2024-2025)
Opt-In Bus Stop Supervision Form (2024-2025)


Q:  Where do I submit the completed Transportation Information Form, and is there a due date?
This form is submitted electronically through your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. For bus routing purposes, we request that forms be completed in early June for the following school year. We will, however, accept forms (and changes to the form) throughout the school year. For changes, please allow five (5) days for processing; note that no requests or changes can be made between August 21 - September 4, 2024. 

Q: Do I need to complete a Transportation Information Form every year, even if the location/ information has not changed?
Yes. A new form for each student must be completed each school year. At the end of every school year, the address utilized for bus routing purposes defaults back to the student’s home residence.

Q: What if I have safety concerns regarding the bus stop location associated with my child's daycare?
Bus stops associated with childcare centers or home daycare providers are not subject to appeal. If the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the bus stop location, transportation will revert back to the bus stop location associated with the student’s home residence.

Q: I want my child to attend a daycare that is located outside of my child’s elementary school district. Will South Windsor Public Schools provide transportation?
No. Transportation is only provided to locations within a student’s designated elementary school district. Please refer to the "Elementary School Districts by Street" link below for an alphabetized list of streets located within each elementary school district.
Link Elementary School Districts by Street

Q: What if joint custody exists with our children and transportation to both households is needed?
Transportation can be provided to both households as long as both parents reside in South Windsor and residency for both households has been established by providing the necessary documents to the Registration Office. Parents of elementary students must also live within the same school district. One parent needs to complete the Transportation Information Form online, and indicate both household addresses. If you have children attending different schools (high school, middle school and elementary), a separate form needs to be completed for each child. As a reminder, forms must be completed on an annual basis, even if the information remains the same.