Robyn Ongley
K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Specialist
Phone: (860) 474-1491
Email: [email protected]

Linda McMahon
Administrative Secretary
Phone: (860) 474-1137
Email: [email protected]

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Knowledge of mathematics is essential to be a productive member of a technological society. It is the mission of South Windsor Public Schools to provide a mathematics curriculum that will encourage students to shape information into knowledge and experience into understanding. Our philosophy is that students learn mathematics best by doing mathematics. It is the role of the teacher to guide students in constructing their own mathematical understanding. Teachers will implement curriculum and plan activities that will guide and support students as they investigate, analyze and achieve. As a result of this guidance, students will develop an appreciation of the value of mathematics, gain confidence in their ability to use mathematics, and become mathematical problem solvers. Students will also develop their ability to communicate and reason mathematically. All students are expected to master mathematics according to their greatest potential. The major goals of the South Windsor Public Schools mathematics curriculum are:
  • to ensure high expectations and access to meaningful mathematics learning for every student;
  • to ensure implementation of the Standards for Mathematical Practice to develop the processes and proficiencies in mathematics
  • to implement a curriculum that is aligned to national and state standards while incorporating 21st century skills and technologies, resulting in relevant and meaningful instruction and high student achievement; and 
  • to utilize data-driven decision making based on universal screens, benchmarks and formative assessments to inform instruction and improve student learning.
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