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The South Windsor Public Schools S.T.E.M. program uses the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Launch program. The PLTW Launch curriculum is designed especially for the elementary learner. It is aligned to the common core for math and ELA and corresponds with the Next Generation Science Standards. In addition to teaching the engineering design process and introducing the idea of STEM to students early in their education, this program reinforces skills learned in Math, ELA and Science. The PLTW model uses a problem-based approach to learning. Students are engaged in real life problems that they solve through designing and testing different solutions. The students apply new knowledge learned to different situations throughout the course of the year. 

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Elementary STEM Teachers 
 Eli Terry  Eli Terry Elementary Orchard Hill  Orchard Hill Elementary
Jennet DaSilva
Phone: (860) 327-4767
Email: [email protected]

Amy Graney
Phone: (860) 512-8577
Email: [email protected]
 PRS  Philip R. Smith Elementary  Pleasant Valley  Pleasant Valley Elementary
Mary Clark
Phone: (860) 768-3827
Email: [email protected]
Pamela Brennan
Phone: (860) 768-3802
Email: [email protected]